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About The Spine Team

Getting a chiropractic adjustment can be a daunting idea for those who are unfamiliar with the concept or even anatomy of the human body. However, the pain that results from a spine that needs manual manipulation is excruciating. So painful, that it may lead you to look for relief in all of the wrong places. 

Chiropractors are the first line of defense against neck and back pain. We are the "mechanics of the back" or "dentists of the spine", as goofy as it may sound. But when you look at it in that perspective, what we do makes sense. We clean the spine and get it moving again. Movement is KEY! Our biggest goal with this clinic was to share the extremely complex neurological and musculoskeletal events that take place when the spine and surrounding structures get injured. Take that complex idea, and create a simple, calming and comfortable environment to sit down,  discuss and treat these symptoms all at the same time. 

Talk about a daunting idea and task. People are unaware of what our profession does, so we are trying to accomplish all of this by taking a different approach. While creating multiple offices, we realized that people were able to understand the complexities of the spine when we related them to something they already knew and dealt with regularly. Being able to communicate with our patients on a personal level, we are able to help not only find the solution to their problems, but where the pain originated from in the first place. That information is priceless and usually lost along the way of communication between the patient and the practitioner.


Here our Spine Team is dedicated to take the time and find out what works exactly for you. Our technique is based on manual manipulation with no use of instrumentation, just a stationary table. By keeping the adjustment at the center of care, we here at the spine are certain we will be able to lead you in the right direction towards finding the "Happy Place" within your life and taking your back, BACK!

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